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Living With Cancer: Our Stories


LWC:OS is a Cancer Awareness anthology comic. It features stories from a number of people who have lived with cancer themselves, have lost a loved one to cancer, or are working in the field of cancer treatment. All profits made from the sales of this comic go to Cancer Research UK.

This comic was put together by Ashling Larkin & Catriona Laird, featuring stories from: Ann, Carly, Naomi, Raj, Vesna, and Walkiria Larkin
And art from: Elliot Balson, Eve Greenwood, Rebecca Horner, Sarah Holliday, Mairi Isla, Sara Julia, and Jules Valera.

This project was funded via Kickstarter, where you can read more about it: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chipcollective/living-with-cancer-our-stories