Working In: The Arts

  • Working In: The Arts

WI:TA is a comic anthology featuring the stories of 9 currently practicing creatives in the professional fields of Animation, Comics, Games, Graphic Design, Illustration, Jewellery, Textiles, Photography and Fashion Photography. Each creative tells the reader of their journey to get into the arts, their highs, lows, and plenty of helpful advice for you or anyone you know how to break into the creative arts.

This comic was put together by Ashling Larkin & Catriona Laird, featuring stories from: Alannah Eileen, Angus Dunn, Jennifer Clarke, Jacqueline Briggs, Hannah Moitt, Tomas Hermoso, Kirsten Manzi, Rory Jobson and Eve Greenwood.

The comic artists are: Letty Wilson, Ell J Walker, Eve Greenwood, Elliot Balson, Robbie Kieran, Fraser Robertson, Jules Valera, Catriona Laird and Ashling Larkin, all of whom have an additional page of comic artwork in the book to tell the reader about themselves too.

The book is 25cm X 17.5cm and 68 full colour pages.

This project was funded via Kickstarter, where you can read more about it: